Importing Evolution addressbook contacts into GMail

10 Sep 2008

GMail’s Contacts section now has support for a full-featured set of contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, etc.  I tried importing my addressbook from Evolution, but it wasn’t easy.  Step 1: Export your addressbook in vCard format.  Step 2: Tweak the output.GMail doesn’t like plain TEL records, it wants them to always beprefixed by phone., e.g.:phone.TEL;TYPE=CELL,OTHER:(510) 334-3594


TEL;TYPE=CELL,OTHER:(510) 555-1212Also GMail doesn’t like blank lines between vCard records.Here are a pair of vim commands to fix the above two problems::%s,^TEL,phone.TEL:v/./d


Once you’ve edited the file appropriately you should be able to import it using the Contacts > Import function within GMail.