Picasa button for Hugin

Picasa is a piece of photo management software. Hugin is a GUI frontend for a collection of panorama-stitching software that can create panoramas from a number of individual shots. To make it easier to select photos in Picasa and pass them to Hugin, I've used the Picasa button API to create a button that can be added to Picasa.

Add Hugin Button to Picasa

How to use: Click the link above. You will receive a dialog asking "Launch Picasa and import buttons?" Click yes and the button will be added to the bottom of your Picasa window. Now you can simply select your series of images and click the "Hugin" button to open Hugin with those images preloaded.

Alternately if you'd like to inspect the file before you install it, download hugin.pbz. It's a zip file, so open it with any unzip program.

Known issues:

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