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[Our dining room table after the trip to CostCo]


Before leaving, we needed to buy food for five and a half months... all at once. It was quite a daunting experience. We realized just how much we'd be eating when we'd gotten the first three items on our shopping list and our cart was nearly full! We got most of our food from CostCo, and filled in what we couldn't find there at Bread & Circus and the local grocery store. If you're curious, here's what we bought:

27.5 lbs. peanuts
28 lbs. Sun Maid raisins
6 lbs. almonds
5 lbs. dried apricots
24 jars Polaner fruit spread
28 lbs. Skippy chunky peanut butter
5 lbs. pink lemonade mix
96 Duracell AA batteries
48 rolls Kodak 200 speed film
750 Ibuprofin capsules
1.6 lbs. granulated garlic
80 Quaker oatmeal packets (varied flavors)
12.6 lbs. Pasta Roni (varied flavors)
12.25 lbs. minute rice
9.6 lbs. Annie's shells & cheese
252 Ziploc quart bags
100 Ziploc sandwich bags
420 Nature's Valley oats & honey granola bars
180 Quaker chewy granola bars
144 Kudos bars
96 bags peanut M&Ms
96 bags Snickers
72 Nestle Crunch bars
36 Almond Joy bars (yuck!)
36 Milky Way bars
10 lbs. instant milk
12 rolls toilet paper
5 70-page notebooks
1 memo pad
50 packets hot cocoa mix
1 quart olive oil

Last modified Monday June 5, 2000

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